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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My hair has become Beatle-esque and so I figure it's time to have someone trim it down a bit. It seems like this happens every time. I'm afraid of getting a bad haircut and always put off doing it. So inevitably I reach a point where my hair is in my eyes and I look like John Lennon. I get it cut and vow to have it trimmed in a more timely fashion the next time around. Of course, I never do. And here I am looking like a Beatle once more.

Now I feel rushed. After all, my sister's graduation is tomorrow and I don't want to have a mane while "camping" this weekend. So what am I to do now? Will Mark, my regular hair guy, be booked up? There's just so much stress. I hope I can manage. Sarcasm.

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