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Sunday, June 19, 2005

I started this web site around Mother's Day and here we are - Father's Day. Although I will one day be a father (I hope), there's something about this "holiday" that's even less significant than the female equivelant. In fact, I'm almost certain the only reason it's still around is because 'dad' rhymes with 'grad' and all those department stores already have their signs printed. You wouldn't want to have to make new signs now would you? Perhaps the neck tie companies are secretly behind it all like Hersheys and Hallmark are behind Valentine's Day. Aha!

posted at 11:14 AM by Randy


I've decided to go ahead and take this blog completely toward politics/economy. It's all I talk about anyway. Remember, you can email me at randy [at] circularlife [dot] com or use the chat box in the lower right.