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Monday, November 14, 2005

Randy -

I do not want to know about how grand your life was, hear about all the things you've accomplished and reveled in. I want to see how you cared for those most important to you. I do not want to know about your great dreams and successes. I want to hear how you surrendered those dreams and set them aside to instead succeed at helping another achieve their dreams.

Tell me about the times you've climbed the mighty mountains of the mind to overcome your fears and bring someone along with you. Tell me of your great battles - battles against pride, against selfishness, battles against doubt. Tell me that you won.

I want to hear your story, hear about your journey. I want to know the road you've traveled could not have been traveled any better. I want to know that you were a man only whispered about - a dying breed of selfless passion and integrity, strength and caring, courage and generosity.

Teach me how you listened before you spoke. Tell me how to appreciate what I have, how to sprint and fight while I'm on my knees, how to be a warrior of the soul.

You'll not be remembered for the size of your wallet or the size of your house, but for the size of your heart. No one will remember your name for your ambition or your greatness, but for the ferocity with which you loved.

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