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Sunday, January 22, 2006

I don't suppose I can forget to mention the game, now can I? Luckily, I should be done hiking in time to see the Broncos destroy the Pittsburgh Steelers a mile above sea level. It will be interesting having the family over while the game is on. Half of the family loves the game, some despise it, and some are just plain indifferent.

If I didn't already like the Broncos and football in general I might become quickly disinterested from the running commentary by the men watching (I suppose I'm occassionally guilty myself). The armchair quarterback calls and nostalgic "back in my day" football anecdotes are enough to drive any sane person to drink. I suppose that's why the wine is never too far away.

My guess (I could say 'prediction' but that'd be a joke) is...Broncos win at home, 24-17.

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