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Monday, January 23, 2006

So today I'm driving home down the single lane road that leads to my house. The speed limit is 60, you see, and people generally drive it. I come over a hill and at the bottom of this hill is a stop light. Luckily though, it's green. I proceed. However, some knucklehead decides to turn right on red in front of my 60 mile per hour vehicle. I give him a blast from my horn (which I never ever use) and decide to pass him, across double yellow lines, since there is no oncoming traffic.


But then the guy decides to drive right behind me, headlights blazing into my rear-view mirror. He jukes his car back and forth as if he's Mario Andretti getting ready to pass the leader and take the checkers. We drive like this for several miles until I make my turn and he flies by, his arm extended out his window, middle finger waving.

Am I the jerk here? I think it's common knowledge that you don't pull your aluminum and plastic car into an intersection that will soon be filled with a speeding SUV. Right? For shame.

posted at 7:49 PM by Randy


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