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Monday, January 23, 2006

Well, I decided on a book to read. I'm going to go back to trusty le Carre. I like his books and I'm hoping this one is good. Although the last book I was reading was written by a guy I normally like. Maybe I'll go back to it once I'm done with le Carre and it'll be better.

Feel free to read along. We can all comment and argue about if it's any good or not - you know, like Opera. I'm a lot like Oprah (oops, not Opera), as you can tell from my photo.

posted at 10:47 PM by Randy


I've decided to go ahead and take this blog completely toward politics/economy. It's all I talk about anyway. Remember, you can email me at randy [at] circularlife [dot] com or use the chat box in the lower right.