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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I was curious as to how many people out there really know me. So here's a quiz to test how well you know the chaos of my mind.

1.) What's my favorite color?
2.) What color was my first car?
3.) What's my favorite state of the union?
4.) What is my favorite song?
5.) What am I most afraid of?
6.) What female physical quality turns me on?
7.) When did I start wearing glasses?
8.) What was my least favorite high school subject?
9.) What country have I always wanted to visit?
10.) What's one of my three favorite dramas?
11.) What's one of my three favorite comedies?
12.) What was my geeky childhood hobby?
13.) What is my favorite sport to play?
14.) What is my favorite sport to watch?
15.) What's my political affiliation?
16.) What college did I want to attend in HS?
17.) What's my favorite ice cream?
18.) What's my favorite holiday?
19.) Where will I be in October?
20.) What have I started and restarted since I was very young but have yet to actually complete as I've always wanted?

Alright, 5 points for every question. Grade yourself. Or submit it if you think you have a high score. Haha.

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