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Sunday, April 09, 2006

I thought I'd give out the answers to the poll I put out there several weeks ago. Not that many people tried to get the answers so you can check your mental guesses against the real answers.

1.) What's my favorite color? Yellow
2.) What color was my first car? Purple
3.) What's my favorite state of the union? Colorado
4.) What is my favorite song? Goo Goo Dolls - Broadway OR U2 - Beautiful Day
5.) What am I most afraid of? Failure
6.) What female physical quality turns me on? Nice legs
7.) When did I start wearing glasses? Second grade
8.) What was my least favorite high school subject? Physics
9.) What country have I always wanted to visit? New Zealand
10.) What's one of my three favorite dramas? Good Will Hunting OR The Thomas Crown Affair
11.) What's one of my three favorite comedies? About a Boy OR Zoolander
12.) What was my geeky childhood hobby? Building rockets
13.) What is my favorite sport to play? Basketball
14.) What is my favorite sport to watch? Football
15.) What's my political affiliation? Conservative
16.) What college did I want to attend in HS? Boston College
17.) What's my favorite ice cream? Cookie dough
18.) What's my favorite holiday? Christmas!
19.) Where will I be in October? Europe/Africa
20.) What have I started and restarted since I was very young but have yet to actually complete as I've always wanted? ...write a story, a novel perhaps?

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