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Sunday, May 14, 2006

So from time to time I get photos from random readers. Not too long ago a girl took a photo of herself wearing sunglasses like the ones I have on in the photo along the right column. I thought it clever enough for me (low standards of cleverness) and put it on the site. Since then I've gotten many more. The funny part though is that I often just end up getting photos of people in sunglasses - any old sort. And somehow the point of the photo is lost. Usually the glasses are big, granted, but still the wrong kind. Ah well. Here are some recent examples.

This next one has two friends (not uncommon in self-snapped photos) but no sunglasses. Hmm.

And I'm not sure what this one's all about. Maybe trying to mimic the mystery or "gimme yer lunch money look" in general. Keep in mind I'm not a badass. Unless a CSPAN-watching, chess player is a badass.

But hey...I'm not picky, I suppose. Send me your nonsense photograph and maybe I'll put your mug on here for people you neither know nor care about to chuckle at. Oh, and happy Mother's Day.

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