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Friday, May 04, 2007

Training Day 4 Update

Today was an easy day at the gym, although a bit sore from Wednesday. I didn't spend any time on the bike - rest day. I'll have to update you about the weekend once I'm back from being out of town (again).

Oh! I took one of those (lame) tests to see which superhero I am. Results:

The Flash - 80%
Spider-Man - 65%
Green Lantern - 60%
Hulk - 60%
Robin - 58%
Catwoman - 50%
Supergirl - 48%
Wonder Woman - 43%
Batman - 40%
Superman - 40%
Iron Man - 30%

Keep in mind I'm apparently 50% and 48% similar to Catwoman and Supergirl, respectively. And sadly, I know almost nothing about the Flash. He's speedy and, obviously, quite charming. Let's see what awesome insights into my personality you guys thinks this highly scientific test reveals.

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