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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I wrecked on the bike today. As I said, today I rode into work and along the way was wanting to test my 10k speed. I was at the last stop light before a long stretch of road I wouldn't have to stop on where I could test my time. Once I started, a guy turned onto my road from a side street. Fine. He must have seen I was hammering and thought he'd ride my wheel. Fine.

So he comes up behind me and I realize he's trying to pass but doesn't quite have the legs for it. He'd get his wheel up to maybe my bottom bracket then fade back again. A few moments later I see him out of the corner of my eye on my right, out of the saddle, trying to pass. I joke with him, "Easy there, tiger. This isn't the Giro." He makes some sort of grunt and fades back again. A minute or two goes by and he moves out of the narrow bike lane in an effort to pass on the left. Meanwhile I'm keeping a pretty steady pace and holding a pretty constant line. Moving out of the lane, a car moves around him. It must have spooked him a little because he slowed and must have dodged back into the bike lane to the right because a moment later he was rubbing the right side of my rear wheel. I figure he over-corrected back to the left so he didn't go off the road. We rub for a minute, I stay perfectly upright and assume he'll get off my wheel in a moment. All of a sudden my back wheel stops turning and I hit the deck hard at about 25 mph (40 kph) on my right side. He had stopped and apparently stayed upright.

"Oh my god, you ok?" He asks. "I'm sorry, man," as if I were his buddy.

"Not...the Giro," I answered. "Yeah, fine, go ahead." I encouraged him to move along.

Ten minutes later, after putting my chain back on its ring, I passed the moron. Hopefully the fresh road rash on my ankle, knee, hip, and shoulder don't make the day tick by too slowly.

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