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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I saw this posted on All-Encompassingly a few weeks back when some crazies were trying to blow up the UK. Although it's a little late, I'll still put it up here.

" Why in the world is one of the bombers recovering in the ICU at a glasgow hospital? the god-fearing part of me tells me i shouldn’t be asking this question, but WHY did someone save his life? this fact says something about the west: either we are too nice or too dopey. i hope we are just nice. apparently, the terrorist was on fire. who was the genius scotsman who said, ‘hey, let’s put out the fire and save the terrorist’s life!’ ? if you ask me, he should have been thinking, ‘if this blaze dies down, i’d better make sure i’m near enough to stomp on his trachea with my trainers.' "

posted at 9:21 PM by Randy


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