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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Liberty; what of it?

I was talking to someone today about the presidential candidates, the debates, et cetera. I mentioned, as I've mentioned here before, that I like Ron Paul. The individual I was talking to seemed baffled. "Whyyy?" So I told them why. It has nothing to do with Ron Paul.

No government willfully chooses to be smaller, to have less impact on your life, to invade your privacy less, to regulate your business less than last year, or interfere with you and your doctor less than the year before. Government is obsessively narcissistic.

Laws and the Rule of Law are important, among our greatest tenants. But laws by nature restrict one's freedom. There are no laws which say "Ok, go ahead and do that." We already believe we are free by nature, free because our Creator made us that way. We needn't pore over numbers and statistics to tell us that the government is growing. Laws and restrictions just pile up.

I think we think liberty is preserved by default, but, in fact, liberty is only preserved if we preserve it. Every law, just or unjust, takes a little more freedom from you and from me. Do we need a law telling us where we can buy our medicine, what countries we can visit, how many bullets our rifle can fire in succession, what can be said on the airwaves, who should be accepted by our university or hired by our employer, how efficient our car must be, or how many calories our kids should eat?

It's not so much about Ron Paul the guy. It's about liberty, the Constitution. The tenth amendment reads, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." The people.

Do we need to spend our time and our bloated political war chests talking about whose experience actually counts as experience, what color or race or religion the candidates are, or who said what about who?

And no, you may not hear much about Ron Paul. He may get overlooked by the networks which host the debates, marginalized by columnists and pundits, called a "fringe" candidate. Maybe he doesn't seem presidential or maybe he bores you by rambling about monetary policy, but in a time where liberty and the Constitution are apparently fringe ideas, I have no choice BUT to support Ron Paul (www.ronpaul2008.com). And I think you should too.

The people. Let's talk about that.

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