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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I went to the Post Office this morning and was floored. I was standing in the short line - pretty casual early in the morning - and an old lady was being helped in front of me. She asked how much a postcard stamp was and the guy told her: twenty-something cents, closer to thirty than twenty. She said, "Wow," and that she couldn't believe it and the postal guy interjected, "It's not just that, it's everything. Crazy." She paused and said, "But, you know, I think something positive is going to come out of all this."

Now I'm a bit of a cynic but I thought Awww, what a sweet old lady without thinking much of what she was saying. But then a guy who had joined the line behind me piped up: "Absolutely. I think it's really going to change the way we all live." And the postal guy added, "It costs $100 to fill up my truck. Probably good." Then another guy joining the line said, "We're Americans," as if to imply no big deal, we rock, nothing can affect us. The postal guy agreed with a, "Yeah, it'll be tough for a minute but big deal. We'll change. We'll be fine. We always are."

I hope my jaw wasn't on the floor. Not only because people were talking to each other in the first place but doing so optimistically, like we were all on the same team and that team would ultimately win. I felt like I was in a Norman Rockwell painting for a moment, being encouraged by neighbors in the United States Post Office. Whodathought?

Strange morning.

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